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Field Manager Report

Colonial Country Club CDD
Community Field Services – Field Management Report
Site Inspection on 3/04/2020

1. Lake Management:

a. Lake Maintenance: The lakes remain in good shape this month. Shoreline weeds are minimal, water levels are average for this time of year, no concerns with submerged weeds, and no algae is present.

b. Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Tests: All the lakes that were tested by L&W last month are doing well. Environmental factors such as temperature, wind, sun or clouds can affect the dissolved oxygen levels. Aerators-diffusers are in the following lakes: 17, 20 & 32. Next test is scheduled for August 2020.

c. Littoral Plants: Spike rush width that is too wide and needs to be treated by Lake & Wetlands includes:

  • High priority Lakes to address: 6, 12, 14 & 16.
  • Medium priority Lakes to address: 2-5, 7-10, 17-18, 21, 22, 25, 26, 28, 29, 40 & 50.
  • Specialty requested Lakes to address: 14 & 40.
    • The treated spike rush along Lake 14 & Lake 40 (golf course side) remains decaying away.

d. Shoreline Weeds: Issues observed this month include:

  • Torpedo Grass in Lakes: Low presence in Lakes: 1, 6, 20, 22, 28, 29, 31, 40 & 50.
  • Alligator Weed in Lakes: 3. Low presence.
  • Spatterdock & Lily Pads in Lakes: Lake & Wetlands has been continuing the treatments of this invasive aquatic and the following observations were made this month.
  • Lakes: 11, 12, 14, 16, 29, 32 & 50. Low presence of spatterdock. Treatments observed on almost all plant material.

e. Submerged Weeds: No concerns observed this month.

f. Algae: No concerns observed this month.

g. Fish: No concerns reported or observed this month.

h. Bulkheads / Rip Rap: Weeds within the rip rap along Lake 10 need to be treated.

i. Trash:

  • i. Directly across from the last condo building on Mill Creek Way someone has thrown a red fold-up chair into the canal. We’ll report this to the Botanica Lakes HOA. Picture on the following page.
  • ii. We were informed that something was floating in Lake 50 and was asked to check it out. The only thing that we observed was a spatterdock plant growing on the east end of the lake near the fountain. Picture on the following page.

j. Lake Aeration:

  • One of the GFI outlets was found tripped again for Lakes 5, 8, 9 & 32. The outlet was reset, and the system came back online. This is the second month in a row the same GFI was found tripped during our inspection.
  • Lake 4: Only 1 air station was observed working. We’ll inform Solitude of this issue.

k. Lake Fountains:

  • All fountains were observed operating during this inspection.
  • All fountain timers were adjusted during this inspection for the upcoming daylight savings.
  • All locks for the fountain timer boxes were oiled during this inspection.

l. Shoreline Landscaping / Grass Clippings: No concerns observed this month.

m. Lake Bank Erosion:

  • Lake 25 Update: Patrick Tohill had his guys cover the washout repair on the south end of Lake 25 with Bermuda sod.
  • ii. Lakes 18 & 20 Update: Both HOA Presidents and CAM’s have been notified of the upcoming repairs. We also asked them to have their irrigation technicians adjust the spray heads to reach the new sod once it has been put down. We also spoke with American Shoreline Restoration this week and Bill the owner informed us that he’s currently ahead of schedule at his current jobsite and will be potentially starting at Colonial Country Club the first full week of April.

n. Gateway Canal: Besides for a little bit of new torpedo grass growth no other concerns were observed this month.

2. Preserves:

a. The latest quarterly preserve island clean-up was completed during the week of February 24th, 2020.

b. Preserve Noncompliance Update: Lake & Wetlands has completed all their follow-up treatments to the area that was identified in the SFWMD noncompliance letter. Matt Brosious from SFWMD is scheduled to conduct his follow-up inspection within the next week. Once the inspection is completed, we’ll know if the preserve is back in compliance or not.

c. We’re currently working with Banks Engineering on having an elevation guide installed in the preserve just beyond the boardwalk observation platform.

d. There are approximately over 150 boards with mold on them and we’ve been researching ways to remove it. The latest method we’re going to try is a mixture of vinegar and dishwasher detergent. The vinegar will kill the mold and the dishwasher detergent will act as an emulsifier which should make the mold easier to remove. The boardwalk is also scheduled to be stained during the last week in April.

3. Butterfly Gardens:

a. We met with the owner of Rodgers Landscaping (Irrigation Contractor for Hemingway Lane) on 3/04/20 to review the irrigation issues at both butterfly gardens. Rodgers Landscaping is going to inspect both systems and verify that all irrigation zones are included in the weekly watering schedule. They are also going to prepare an estimate to repair any damaged irrigation heads, add heads where needed and to repair a broken pipe that we found in the garden on Lake 21. Once all repairs have been completed, we’ll proceed with replanting both gardens.

b. Boardwalk Entrance: No new plant issues observed this month.

c. South End of Lake 21: During our inspection with Rodgers Landscaping we found that the irrigation line running through one of the plant beds is broken and needs to be repaired. Rodgers Landscaping will be sending over an estimate to complete the repairs.

4. Storm Water Drainage System:

The last time all the storm water structures were inspected for sediment build up was conducted in January 2018 by MRI.

a. Roadway Catch Basins: No concerns observed this month.

b. Dry Retention Catch Basins: No visual issues observed this month. All basins were clear of debris.

c. Preserve Catch Basins: Vegetation that was growing over the catch basin behind the homes located at 9192 / 9194 Independence Way has been trimmed back.

d. Outfall Structures: No concerns observed this month.

e. Catch Basins between Buildings: No concerns were observed this month.

f. Inter-Connect Pipes: All pipes currently submerged.

g. Illicit Discharges: No new illicit discharges were found this month.

h. Spill Prevention: No concerns observed this month.

i. Maintenance Yard Inspection: No concerns observed this month.

5. Perimeter / Preserve Fence:

Besides for vegetation starting to creep through and over the fence in some areas no other concerns observed this month. We typically cut the vegetation back every May just before the rainy season.

6. Non CDD Issues / Concerns Observed:

Below are items that were observed this month.

a. The little wooded area just east of Lake 50 which is part of the Master Association is filled with Earleaf Acacia which is a Category 1 exotic on Florida Exotic Pest Plant list. The trees should be cut down and removed before they continue to spread.

b. Several large tripping hazards were observed on the Colonial Country Club Blvd. sidewalk between the entrances to Horse Creek Road. The Master Board should have these spots grinded down.

c. The berm behind 9080 Shadow Glen Way remains washed out in two spots exposing the communication wires. The washouts need to be filled back in.

7. Wildlife Observations:

  • Bass – Not seen
  • Egrets – Seen
  • Anhinga – Seen
  • Woodstork – Seen
  • Turtles – Seen
  • Bream – Seen
  • Herons – Seen
  • Cormorant – Seen
  • Otter – Not seen
  • Catfish – Not seen
  • Coots – Seen
  • Osprey – Not seen
  • Alligators (5) – Seen
  • Gambusia – Not seen
  • Gallinules – Not seen
  • Ibis – Seen
  • Snakes – Not seen
  • Ducks – Seen
  • Other Species

8.Residential Complaints / Concerns:

Resident concerns or complaints for FY 2020:

  • 10/2/2019
  • John Powers
  • Lake 21
  • Reported that the fountain is running from 7:15 am to 9:15 pm when it should be on from 8am to 9pm.
  • Fountain timers were adjusted on 10/07 by Field Manager.
  • None
  • 10/8/2019
  • John Powers
  • Lake 21
  • Reported that the fountain came on at 7:00 am and not at 8:00 am.
  • Inspected the timers on 10/09/19 and everything was set for the correct time.
  • Monitor
  • 10/10/2019
  • John Powers
  • Lake 21
  • Reported that the fountain came on at 7:00 am and not at 8:00 am.
  • Reported issue to Solitude and they inspected the timer on the same day and found that the start pin was bent. The pin was replaced.
  • None
  • 11/10/2019
  • Neil Benson
  • Lake 22
  • Reported that the fountain stopped working in 11/10/19.
  • Issue reported to Solitude on 11/11/19. Solitude found a bad motor & pump.
  • Fountain has been repaired.
  • 1/13/2020
  • Cal Teague
  • Lake 22
  • Reported that the fountain has been out for 3 days.
  • Put in a work order to have Vertex investigate the issue.
  • Fountain Repaired
  • 1/30/2020
  • Charlie H.
  • Lake 31
  • Reported that the aerator compressor for this lake is much louder than normal.
  • Contacted Solitude on 1/30/20 and requested that they inspect the unit.
  • Noise resolved

9. Completed events in February / March:

a. Inform Lake & Wetlands of the lake and or preserve concerns. Completed on 2/06/20.
b. Inform Solitude of any fountain / aerator concerns. No issues to report.

10. Follow up & Upcoming event for March / April:

a. Inform Lake & Wetlands of the lake and or preserve concerns. Completed on 3/05/20.
b. Inform Solitude of any fountain / aerator concerns. Completed on 3/05/20.

11. Maintenance Technician Task List:

a. Board Approval Required: Conduct annual vegetation cutbacks along the perimeter fence behind Shadow Glenn Way.