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Draft Meeting Minutes for November 22, 2021

Colonial Country Club
Community Development District

The regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Colonial Country Club Community Development District was held on November 22, 2021 at 2 p.m. at the Colonial Country Club Activity Room in the Community Center at 9171 Independence Way in Fort Myers, Florida and also via phone conference.

Present and constituting a quorum were:

Joseph Zajac – Chair
Tim Worthington – Vice Chair
Howard Klein – Assistant Secretary
Giovanna Scuderi – Assistant Secretary
Sally Hefti – Assistant Secretary

Also present (or attending via phone conference) were:

Cal Teague – District Manager
Chris Pepin – Field Manager
Christopher Dudak – Client Services Manager

The following is a summary of the actions taken at the Colonial Country Club Community Development District (CDD) Board of Supervisors meeting.

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS Call to Order and Roll Call

The Colonial Country Club Community Development District Meeting was called to order and District Manager Teague called the roll. All Board members were present. Participating on the phone were Chris Pepin, Field Manager, and Christopher Dudak from Premier District Management.

SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS Approval of the Agenda

On MOTION by Supervisor Hefti, seconded by Supervisor Klein, with all in favor, the Board accepted the Agenda as presented.

THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS Audience Comments on Agenda Items

There were no Audience comments.

FOURTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Approval of Meeting Minutes

A. Draft Meeting Minutes from October 25, 2021

On MOTION by Supervisor Scuderi, seconded by Vice Chair Worthington, with all in favor, the Board accepted the Draft Meeting Minutes from October 25, 2021.


A. Lake 28 Fountain and Aerator Issues

Field Manager Pepin believes that the fountain was installed in 2015. Because of its age, he is not seeing any more problems than might be expected. He stated that there are no aerator issues presently, and he sees that most of the problems are electrical in nature. Vice Chair Worthington commented that he felt that all fountains seem to be working, so he is not sure why there have been so many calls. Chris stated that he will monitor the condition closely. If there is another malfunction, he will have an electrician check it out.


A. Stormwater Inspection Proposal

MRI has provided an estimate of $6,000 to visually inspect all the stormwater structures manually or with a diver. This is the same cost as the last inspection in 2018. It is important to conduct routine maintenance to observe blockages needing attention, and the structures should be cleaned before the rainy season. When the inspection is completed, MRI will identify all structures with 25% blockage, and subsequently give an estimate for cleaning them. They expect to complete the project in early 2022, and they will give a week’s notice when they plan to begin the inspection.

On MOTION by Supervisor Hefti, seconded by Vice Chair Worthington, with all in favor, the Board approved the inspection of stormwater structures, at the cost of $6,000.

B. Lakeshore Repair Proposal for Lakes 2, 6, 32, 40 and 60

American Shoreline Restoration presented a proposal of $36 per linear foot to repair 2,640 feet of shoreline. The total cost of this project is $95,040, and the current budget allows for this repair. District Manager Teague stated that this is an excellent company for this project. The Board discussed adding the repair of Lake 31, which has 405 linear feet of shoreline. This additional cost will create a budget overrun, which will be addressed later in the fiscal year. The total cost of the project is now $109,620.

On MOTION by Vice Chair Worthington, seconded by Supervisor Scuderi, with all in favor, the Board accepted the proposal from American Shoreline Restoration to complete the shoreline repair of Lakes 2, 6, 31, 32, 40 and 60, not to exceed $109,620.


A. Financial Reports for October 2021

District Manager Teague reviewed the budget, and stated that the District is financially in great condition.

On MOTION by Supervisor Klein, seconded by Supervisor Hefti, with all in favor, the Board accepted the Financial Reports for October 2021.


A. Field Report

Field Manager Pepin reviewed his report, and the following issues were discussed:

  • Chris reported that the spike rush is being treated where the width is exceeding acceptable limits. Several lakes need treatment, and Lake 2’s north end has not been treated as of yet. Lake and Wetland Management has been reminded to complete this project. The Board asked if they rake up the dead spike rush, and District Manager Teague stated that it is not done on a regular basis. Chris asks that it be raked up when it is needed.
  • When asked about his rating system for lake maintenance, he stated that lakes with a 1 rating are treated first, and then the lakes with a 2 rating are treated.
  • The Board asked how far they dredge the lake bottoms for silt to fill the tubes, and Chris stated that it is approximately 15-30′.
  • The Board agreed that the lakes should continue to be treated, and that Chris get a quote for a harvester to remove the dead material.
  • Chris reported that the Lake 11 aerators are not bubbling, and there is not air in Lake 27. He stated that this could be due to moisture in the air line. He will have a contractor blow out the lines to remove the water.
  • In response to a question about the presence of algae in Lake 50, Chris stated that there is a low presence in the littoral shelf, and it is not a problem until the algae gets into open water. District Manager Teague stated that the littorals cannot be sprayed, because this will kill the plants.
  • In the preserves, the annual palm frond cleanup has been completed. A walkway has palmetto growth taking over 25% of the sidewalks. The Board agreed to have Chris take care of this.
  • The I-75 wall in the preserves has climbing Cassia and Brazilian Pepper encroaching. The last cutback was 2 years ago, and the Board agreed to have Chris do a cutback.
  • The catch basins identified in Chris’s field report need cleaning. Debris needs to be removed, especially behind Independence Way. Chris stated that this is a Master HOA issue, and he will send a courtesy reminder to Patrick to have it done. The CDD has assisted with this project in the past, and the CDD is available to do so again if the Board agrees.

B. Follow-up Items

i. Littoral Plantings Update

The plants are scheduled to be installed by November 22, 2021.

ii. Cabbage Palm Trimming Update

This is 100% complete.

iii. Rip Rap and Cord Grass around the New Basins Update

This is 95% complete. A nursery was out of cordgrass, so Chris asked Patrick to place a few plants at this location. Chris has not received an update on the project’s progress.

iv. Lakes 7 & 28 Washout/Erosion Repairs Updates

The new washout on Lake 7 remains, and Patrick is aware that this is still needing repair. The washout repairs on Lake 28 have been completed.

v. 9050 Shadow Glen Fence Repairs

Sunstate Fence has completed this repair.

vi. Golf Course Erosion Repairs

The washout on Lake 2 has been repaired, but the new washout on Lake 7 is still present. Patrick is aware that he needs to complete this project.

C. Project Tracking/Maintenance Log


There was no report from Attorney Greg Urbancic.


District Manager Teague had a report from Engineer Marshall, which stated that the NPDES permit has been submitted.

District Manger Teague stated that the FStop cameras have been delivered and sent to the field technician.

A. Statutory Requirements for Stormwater Maintenance

This has been prepared, and the plan will cost less than $5,000.

ELEVENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Supervisor Requests/Comments

There were no Supervisor Requests or Comments.


Tim Krepki from the facilities committee stated that there will be a representation from the committee at future CDD meetings. When asked, he explained some of what the committee does. District Manager Teague stated that the District needs to know about anything that runs into the lake, including roof drains, into the Lake Maintenance easement, or anything else of that nature. Mr. Krepki stated that the HOA President works with the ARC on these issues.


On MOTION by Supervisor Hefti, seconded by Vice Chair Worthington, with all in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 3:05 p.m.

The Next Regular Meeting will be on December 20, 2021 at 2 p.m.

Secretary/Assistant Secretary
Chair/Vice Chair