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Amended Meeting Minutes for March 28, 2022

Colonial Country Club
Community Development District

The regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Colonial Country Club Community Development District was held on March 28, 2022 at 2 p.m. at the Colonial Country Club Activity Room in the Community Center at 9171 Independence Way in Fort Myers, Florida and also via phone conference.

Present and constituting a quorum were:

Joseph Zajac – Chair
Tim Worthington – Vice Chair
Howard Klein – Assistant Secretary
Giovanna Scuderi – Assistant Secretary
Sally Hefti – Assistant Secretary

Also present (or attending via web conference) were:

Cal Teague – District Manager, Premier District Management (PDM)
Tim Kreft – HOA Facilities Committee

The following is a summary of the actions taken at the Colonial Country Club Community Development District (CDD) Board of Supervisors meeting.

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS Call to Order and Roll Call

The Colonial Country Club Community Development District Meeting was called to order and District Manager Teague called the roll. All Board members were present. Also attending was Cal Teague, the District Manager, and Tim Kreft of the HOA Facilities Committee.

SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS Approval of the Agenda

Add 6A Ride Around Schedule

On MOTION by Supervisor Hefti, seconded by Vice Chair Worthington, with all in favor, the Board accepted the Agenda, as amended.

THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS Audience Comments on Agenda Items

Tim Kreft asked if the CDD was involved in the upgrades to the front fountain. District Manager Teague stated that they were not. Supervisor Hefti commented that Field Manager Pepin could send the HOA Facilities Committee a list of fountain contractors that the CDD uses.

FOURTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Approval of Meeting Minutes

A. Draft Meeting Minutes from February 28, 2022

On MOTION by Supervisor Scuderi, seconded by Supervisor Klein, with all in favor, the Board accepted the Draft Meeting Minutes from February 28, 2022, as submitted.


There was no Old Business.


A. Ride Around Schedule

The Golf Course will be changing the close date from Monday to Wednesday starting on May 31, 2022. The Board discussed the necessity of rescheduling the ride arounds. They approved the change of the June ride around from the 6th to the 15th, and the September ride around was changed to the 21st.

A Board member wondered if the Boardwalk is slanting, and the Board would like the HOA to look at it. They would also like it put on the Agenda for the next meeting.

He also asked where the preserve starts on the inside of the walkway. He noted that the area is dry, and wondered if irrigation needs to be installed.

In addition, he commented on a letter a resident of Gateway sent to the editor of the newspapers, concerning the restriction of golf carts on the side of the walkway in the Pelican Preserve. Colonial had placed barriers on the Boardwalk entrance many years ago to restrict motorized vehicles, such as golf carts. Gateway was considering restricting golf carts, and the Board wondered if we should contact Gateway before they do anything there.


A. Fiscal Year 2021 Audit Scope Letter

The letter sent from the auditor, Berger, Toombs, concerning their tasks in conducting the audit was being entered into the record. Supervisor Klein would like to review the draft and any communications received from the auditors.

B. Financial Reports for February 2022

District Manager Teague reviewed the Financials, and upcoming projects were discussed that will affect the budget. Vice Chair Worthington mentioned the replacement of the environmental labels that should be applied on flat surfaces, and District Manager Teague will discuss this with Field Manager Pepin to see if this needs to be done for better adhesion.

On MOTION by Vice Chair Worthington, seconded by Supervisor Hefti, with all in favor, the Board accepted the Financial Reports for February 2022, as presented.

C. Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Discussion

District Manager Teague stated that the draft budget will be distributed before the next meeting, and he explained that there was a June 15th deadline for approving the tentative budget. He would like the Board to submit any budgetary goals that they would like included. He reminded them that the adoption of the budget will be at the August meeting, and setting the assessments for the upcoming fiscal year will be considered at that time.


A. Field Report

District Manager Teague reviewed Field Manager Pepin’s Field Report, and the following comments were made or direction given:

They had observed tape grass in one of the lakes, and Chris will be monitoring it.

Aerator issues were identified, and this had been reported to Solitude.

The necessary repairs on the fountains were completed.

It was commented that the traffic noise on the treeline at the Gateway Canal had not been alleviated. District Manager Teague responded that the HOA is responsible for addressing it, because it is not CDD property. It was commented that the HOA has no plans to do anything further as of now.

B. Follow-up Items

i. Golf Course Washout Repairs Lake 7 Update

Chris noted that the repairs needed had not been completed when he last inspected it. The Board commented that Patrick was swamped, and they wondered if Chris could complete the project as a work order.

ii. Compressor Replacements on Lakes 25, 26, and 27 Update

This project was completed.

iii. Stormwater Structure Cleaning Update

Sewer Viewer was onsite working on the project, and they will be there for the next couple of weeks. They may need to return the day after Easter to clean out the basins within the clubhouse parking lot when it is less busy.

iv. Boardwalk Staining Update

The staining of the railings had begun and will soon be completed. Chris will return the day after Easter to close down the Boardwalk, so that the deck boards can be stained. He anticipated that the Boardwalk will be closed 3 days.

v. Bury Exposed Airlines and Drainpipe

This project had been completed.

vi. Spike Rush Removal Update

The spike rush removal was discussed, and it was explained that more work needed to be done, with the priority being Lake 18. The harvester was in Arkansas, and when Gonzalo receives it, he will send it to Colonial to finish cleaning the floating material outside the littoral shelf.

vii. Shoreline Restoration Project Updates

Chris announced that American Shoreline Restoration will begin the 2022 erosion repairs the last week of April.

viii. Perimeter Fence/Preserve Fence Brach and Dead Tree Cleanup

This project had been completed.

a. Project Tracking/Maintenance Log

There were no comments on the log.


There was no report from Attorney Greg Urbancic.


There was no report from Engineer Sam Marshall.

ELEVENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS Supervisor Requests/Comments

There were no Supervisor Requests or Comments.


Tim Kreft mentioned that the HOA will be adding a second maintenance building. Various upcoming projects were discussed.


On MOTION by Supervisor Scuderi, seconded by Supervisor Hefti, with all in favor, the meeting was adjourned at 3:01 p.m.

The Next Regular Meeting will be on April 25, 2022 at 2 p.m.

Secretary/Assistant Secretary
Chair/Vice Chair